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#1–Plastic-Free around the tree December 3, 2007

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For the last few years we’ve been attempting to buy non-plastic holiday gifts, for teachers, for families, for friends, for co-workers. there are some great resources and the shopping becomes fun–yet challenging– when trying to eliminate an entire category–plastic. here are some great catalogs and websites for getting started–the gifts are unique, beautiful,often sustainable, and truly come from the heart. please, please share any resources that you find along the way. below, i divided into the following categories: children, clothing, and home.

buying local is often the better choice b/c you avoid excess wrapping (lots of plastic) and shipping. the ideas below could be starting points for ideas and then you can take it from there. if you do decide to use any of the childrens’ catalogs, i’ve ordered from most of them and I am really happy with the results.


1. Rosie Hippos
(wooden toys, books, games and music)

2. Magic Cabin
“childhood’s purest treasures”
(all natural toys, blocks, dolls, games, puzzles, dress-up)

3.) Hearth Song
“toys you’ll feel good about giving”
creative games, wooden toys and puzzles, outdoor activites
this catalo is great but does have battery-operated, plastic toys that are tempting to buy, just worth make a thoughtful decision


1.) Hanna Anderssson
unique,comfy, organic choices for children, small selection for adults, shoes, outerwear

2.) Patagonia
comfy outerwear, undergarments, jackets. lotsof recycled products, organic choices, pricey

there are great, barely used items at these places, worth a try if you have one local

4.)Green People
world’s largest directory of eco-friendly and holistic health services


1.)Real Goods
inspirational itesm for the home that have to do with sustainability, organics, recycling, solar energy

2.) Gaiam
known for its great selection of yoga products, clothing, jewelry, decorating items, organic

3.) Napa Style
“celebrate the flavor of life”
cooking items, decorating,furniture, beautiful stuff, pricey

4.) Isabella
“books and gifts for reawakening the spirit”
inspirational, meditative, music, jewelry, organic, village crafts, sustainable

“discover a world of difference”
beautiful gifts made by local artisans around the world, fair trade=fair way of life

art work, jewelry, clothing,

7.) Uncommon Goods

lots of recylced decorative items, furniture, jewelry, gifts

8.) LAST BUT NOT LEAST: a huge selection of gifts made in the USA

(disclaimer, i have not gone through all of the sites to check the plastic content) –search by country of origin,2933,292056,00.html
–> both of these blogs have great list of companies made in usa


great blog for eco-friendly travel. it is so easy and so significant to off- set your travel and shopping by buying carbon off sets!


5 Responses to “#1–Plastic-Free around the tree”

  1. Meredith Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so impressed, and very excited to have this knowledge passed on. Thanks for helping us all be better.

  2. Pat McCarthy Says:

    Also check out It’s all handmade items.

  3. Check out for handmade items as well.

  4. Melissa Says:

    Hey there.

    For the April issue of Glamour, we’re going to have a section about how people can be more environmentally-friendly. We’d like to include anecdotes from women on what they’ve started doing to make for a greener planet. Ideally, we need stuff that’s simple to do and relatable, and not Too obvious (like “I started recycling!”)

    I thought you might like to give a quote or two?
    For each quote explain what you’re doing, where you got the idea. the difference it’s made in your life and anything else you’d like us to know–e.g., have you gotten a friend or two to try the same?

    Plus your:
    full name:

    AND a high-res jpeg photo of yourself.

    Email me for more info!


  5. Meredith Says:

    The Today Show has an article on green babies from cribs to diapers and clothes:

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