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#3-Bag the (plastic)Bags December 16, 2007

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It is estimated that the United States consumes 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually requiring approximately 12 million barrels of oil. (Wall Street Journal)

In my last 3 trips to the store–paint store, Bed,Bath and Beyond, and Ann Taylor–i told the person ringing me up that i didn’t need a bag for my purchases… they weren’t even surprised. “That’s great, save the earth,” were the jist of the responses i received.  “People do that all the time,” was what the lady at the boutique in town told me. this makes my day. At Macy’s, the man ringing me up recently said, “In Australia, they charge you .25 cents a bag, you know? Isn’t that a great idea.?” the woman behind me agreed.

I love using canvas bags. They easily hang over my shoulder and fit a lot of groceries/stuff. A friend sent me some from a company called Skeeda and i love them. Whole foods and Stop and Shop sell canvas bags for a $1.00 a piece. Make sure to use the bag- there’s a theory that it takes a 11 uses of your canvas bag to make it be a worthwhile purchase for the earth. (Energy is used to manufacture and produce these bags.)

One other thought, if you do continue to use plastic bags, they can be used and re-used over and over again. Give it a try.One shopping bag at a time, we can make a difference.


One Response to “#3-Bag the (plastic)Bags”

  1. Deb Says:

    I purchased green shopping bags from Stop and Shop, only .99 each. I leave them in the back of my car and I have gotten much better at remembering to use them. They are great to put the groceries in while I am shopping and they hold 2-3 plastic bags worth. Thanks for the suggestions!

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