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#5–Storage bins store too much stuff January 3, 2008

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I can’t seem to get that fact out of my head that came up in the first blog post: there is 6x more plastic in the oceans than plankton. It is so distressing. How do we fix this? As I shopped and consumed my way through the holiday season I was so disturbed by the pervasiveness of plastic. On that note…..

In years past I used to get really excited by the color-coded storage bins that Target released each season. My life would be so organized if i could just have one more bin………

5 green and red, HUGE, plastic tubs later it dawned on me– i just kept collecting more stuff. I needed to do something. I gave a bunch of decorating items away to the local consignment store (last year) and I did not buy any more xmas items, ornaments, etc… (this year). Emily Post says its ok to re-gift. Do whatever it takes, no more storage bins are necessary. (same goes for all of the kids clothes i’ve saved since birth. Now i give it away sooner and just store the most recent items or the hand me downs that others have passed along.)

At the risk of sounding repetitive—it feels so good not to buy extra STUFF! and i love being able to give stuff away to people/places who will use it and therefore might not buy more of their own stuff. I love being organized just as much as the next person. I just won’t compromise the environment anymore in order to straighten out my own mess.


One Response to “#5–Storage bins store too much stuff”

  1. Well Said, Michelle. All of it… Love the last line here.
    Pete says to look up George Carlin’s comedy sketch on ‘Stuff’

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