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#6-A Truly Happy New Year–No More Junk Mail! January 9, 2008

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A few years ago I spent a week calling every single catalog that came to my house to ask them not to send me their catalog anymore. I figured anything I needed I could find online, and I felt really bad about all of the plastic and paper that was being wasted just so I could waste time perusing catalogs for things I really didn’t need. Needless to say it was a really annoying week, I spent a lot of time on hold, and didn’t necessarily succeed in getting my name off their lists.

Now that I’ve committed myself to finding QUICK, EASY solutions to improving this plastic/environmental crisis, ideas have just been falling into my lap (or across my computer screen!) My sister in law sent me the link to this site and I now have a much better solution to offer all of you so you can stop all the junk mail coming to your house:

This site was featured on Oprah last week, Matt Damon was so impressed with their services he now sits on their board. For $20 you can have your name (and someone else in your household) taken off the junk mail list AND you can specifically request as many catalogs as you’d like and Green Dimes will do the work and get you off their list. Now that’s good.

Also, it looks like you can send it around to your friends and everytime they sign up you get a $3.00 credit. BONUS!!

And one more thing, because I think telemarketers are almost as annoying as the junk mail that collects in my mailbox, here’s how you get off that list as well:

A Truly Happy New Year!


3 Responses to “#6-A Truly Happy New Year–No More Junk Mail!”

  1. sanjivpar Says:

    GreenDimes here,

    Dig the site design. Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. kswimmin Says:

    Well, i’ve been inspired! I just had a big GREEN day…I just ordered my first water bottle from SIGG b/c I’m so tired of throwing away plastic water bottles everyday after the gym or work. So, I’m psyched and even more motivated to drink water! And secondly, I’ve decided to participate in Everyone should check it out, especially fellow nycers! It’s free pick – up and delivery and 10% off your first time. I’ll keep you posted on my new investments!

  3. Andrea Says:

    Hey Michelle: Love your site. Greendimes is actually a for-profit company vs. philanthropic. You can actually go to and pay nothing to get rid of the unwanted mail:)

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