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#8-Singing green in the shower January 24, 2008

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PVC–vinyl–otherwise recognized as the triangle with the #3 inside of it on the bottom of many containers, is the worst of the worst in this plastic situation. Polyvinyl chloride is dangerous when it is being made, toxic when it is being used, and eternally poisonous once it is discarded. Many consumer health advocates have labeled it the “poison-plastic.” (really funny video and some great recommendations). The innocent shower curtain is one of our worst offenders. That new, “clean” smell released when you first hang the new shower curtain is actually the PVC off-gassing, releasing chemicals into your home. Some reports show that for a month the chemical levels in your home are dangerously high after hanging a new shower curtain.

There are other options:

At Ideal bite, a green website for easy, inexpensive tips everyone can follow, they recommend the plastic-free shower curtain , by using a hemp or cotton one with a nylon liner, for multiple reasons:

  • chemical free
  • easy to clean, never any mold
  • looks much prettier (more natural)
  • safe for the environment

Places to shop:

  5. (for my friends across the pond!)
  6. (very earth friendly site for bed and bath)

These au natural curtains tend to be more expensive. My idea was to come up with ideas in this blog post that don’t cost more $$. In the case of shower curtains, I couldn’t make that happen.

There is a recyclable plastic called EVA. It does not off-gas and is a better option than the posion plastic (obviously)If you still want to be healthy, and go the moderate green route, for less$$$ than the above choices, you can try the following:

  1. Simple Memory Art

In my opinion, this is an issue that should take precedence in your home. Please pass along any other good finds, this was a tough issue to approach b/c of the high expense of the good-for-you shower curtains. It’s worth singingreen!!


5 Responses to “#8-Singing green in the shower”

  1. mercurymike Says:

    Nice catch. Just been wandering about the website is there an equaivalent site in the UK?

  2. Meghan Says:

    I have to admit that I love the smell of a new plastic curtain – disgusting, right? I think it is the same smell of those plastic coin purses from growing up – the ones that looked like a Pac-Man that you pinched the sides together to store all of your coins for candy. I didn’t realize that curtains and most likely coin purses were made of PVC. I associate PVC with building materials, etc. Thanks for the info.

    We have glass shower doors – on a tub shower- and love it. IF you have a nice large shower – why not pass on curtains completely. Bathroom door locks are nice to keep out any intruding house guests.

  3. Kelly Plummer Says:

    Good timing on this one for us! We are about to switch the girls from sink baths to bathtub baths, which means they would have been splashing around right next to a big, fat plastic shower liner! We’ll be shopping for a cloth one before we make the switch!

  4. maureen cooney Says:

    Funny. I just hung a new shower curtain 2 days ago and the smell was so strong as I was struggling to get all those rings in place, I almost felt light-headed. Later, I was giving the kids a bath and I commented on how overwhelming the odor still was. I had no idea that I was having James & Kate breathe in PVC off-gas as I gave them shampoos! I am so glad to learn about the worst of the worst plastics, but very sad that I need to take all those rings out and put them back in again!!
    thx for the info – it’s very helpful!

  5. hilaslink Says:

    Fantastic post. i will definitely come back again soon=D

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