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#10- Going Green With the Baby Bottles February 6, 2008

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I’m on a mission for the month of February: find a way to share the easiest, healthiest, greenest solutions for raising babies without scaring the life out of myself or all of you for all the mistakes we’ve already made……….the more research I do, the more I discover that is nearly impossible. There’s no way to get through parenthood  without many mistakes, BUT the good news is that it’s never too late to start down the green and winding road…… this next month is dedicated to those beginning days and months of parenthood…….Whether nursing or formula, BOTTLES apply to almost any new baby situation.  Most bottles are made out of that lousy plastic that contains BiphesonalA., or as I recently heard it called, the gender-bender material (studies show it changes male fish to females).What can be done?   

  • BPA-free baby bottles, my favorite from a company called born-free.
  • Glass Bottles–more difficult to break than you might think, try Nurture Pure.
  • Silicone Nipples –the clear nipples (not the brown ones). these are also latex-free which are better in case of an allergy, these are also more resistant to bacteria.
  • skip plastic liners–although these break down in the landfills a little easier than the hard plastic, these tend to leach toxic chemicals, especially if they are heated in the microwave.
  • use filtered tap water–it helps alleviate high flouride levels, which may be too much for young babies and cause flourosis
  • use powdered formula–metal cans are lined with BPA which leaches into liquids more easily.

I nursed our kids for the first year but I cringe when I think of all the pumped bottles they drank throughout that time. They are super healthy kids now so I’m counting on the fact that all is OK. This is one of those issues that happens to have some good alternatives so make the switch ASAP.


    One Response to “#10- Going Green With the Baby Bottles”

    1. Meredith Says:

      YEAH! Thank you for this help. Trying to be a more environmentally responsible parent takes lots of research so I appreciate all these insights.

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