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#12-SAFE and HEALTHY Baby Care Products February 23, 2008

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During the last few years there have been many “natural” products released on the baby care market. It’s important to know which ingredients qualify as truly organic and also, the most important ingredients to AVOID.

Our skin absorbs at least 70% of the lotions, shampoos, make-up, soaps, etc.. that we use on them, which then directly enter our bloodstream. In fact, our skin may more readily absorb ingredients than our intestines.

For babies this is a disturbing issue. Babies and children more readily absorb ingredients due to faster breathing rates and the hand-to-mouth issue. (Babies put almost everything in their mouths.) And proportionately, babies use more product per pound than adults do. Some of these ingredients are carcinogeni chemicals and endocrine disruptors that should not even be on our store shelves, let alone in our babies bloodstream.

Most important ingredients to AVOID:

  • PARABENS– (methyl-, propyl-, butyl-, ethy-) l– used as preservative, these are endocrine disruptors, which mean that they mimic endocrine in our bodies.
  • PHTALATES–plastic softeners, have been linked to birth defects
  • SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE–causes foaming, suds (makes you think clean), can cause skin irritation, hair loss, allergic reactions
  • FRAGRANCES –synthetic fragrances can contain up to 200 different ingredients, there is NO regulation by FDA, can cause headacheand skin irritation
  • PETROLATUM–mineral oil jelly supposed to help lubricate, actually interferes with your bodies own lubricating process and it can promote sun damage

Some GREAT product lines to try:

A couple things to consider here: while you are going organic with your baby and/ or children, why not go organic yourself? Sometimes it takes a little experimenting to find just the right product, but I do love the shampoos, lotions, soaps I am using for myself.

Also, in honor of the plastic situation, many of these companies are working towards a cleaner, greener environment and their products cause minimal harm to the earth b/c they are free of chemicals and they tend to use recycled plastics.


4 Responses to “#12-SAFE and HEALTHY Baby Care Products”

  1. stephanie Says:


  2. Jeanette Says:

    The Kiss My Face brand of shampoo/conditioners at whole foods is phenomenal. I’ve gotten all my friends to switch over.

  3. Jenn Kelly Says:

    After visiting Jeanette in SF, I switched to the Kiss my Face shampoo/conditioner. Love it!!

  4. pete & erin Says:

    i have burt’s bees bay rum aftershave it is great. erin loves the smell, says i smell like a sea captian. (?) I didn’t know she knew any sea captians.

    also the best lip balm ever is burts. delightful tingling action.

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