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#14–Organic sheets and bedding March 1, 2008

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When I get to an issue like this one its tempting to avoid it. We all grew up and survived on ordinary cotton sheets. What could possibly be the big deal about using what we have always used? This is one of those decisions that is personal to you and your budget.

According to green resources, standard cotton sheets and bedding are coated with formaldehyde and the cotton is grown with so many pesticides that it still resides in the sheets. The off-gassing is at its worst with new sets of bedding, especially with plastic bed liners.

One piece of this I consider extremely important: the vinyl (PVC!!! –see post #8) mattress liners that we use to protect the kids’ mattresses from accidents during the night. These off-gas very hazardous chemicals and our children are breathing it all night long (and naps too.)Some alternatives:

  1. USE A COTTON (hopefully organic) MATTRESS PAD. I think many of the baby stores and catalogs carry these. They don’t cover the whole mattress but a good portion of it and I was usually able to position it according to the most vulnerable area. In case you don’t quite catch the accident, baking soda works wonders for eliminating the odors. Just pour on, leave for an hour and vacuum up. Mattress will be fine.(i give housekeeping advice too!!)
  2. FOR A CRIB—WOOL PUDDLE PAD — made out of wool, a natural material, no off-gassing, these can be washed and dried. These are great for cribs and I think they can be used for twin beds as well.

Some on-line retailers:

This is one of those categories that is hard for me to write about because organic sheets and bedding tend to cost so much more than the ones we’ve always used. Stores like Target and Bed,Bath and Beyond are starting to carry organic / bamboo options and are definitely worth pursuing.


2 Responses to “#14–Organic sheets and bedding”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    After much research and phone calls, I determinded that the best site for organic mattresses and bedding is The other places leave much to be desired. These guys have really thought of everything. Their organic cotton in grown and certified in the U.S., not imported like other companies. They explained to me why they do not use wool or latex because many babies have allergies to these ingredients. Almost every other organic mattress has wool or latex. They are also the only company that successfully made a nontoxic waterproof organic mattress. They use food grade polyethylene which meets FDA standards for food contact (totally unecessary for a baby mattress, but they go the extra mile!). This is the safest plastic available (you can eat off of it) and it does not have phthalates or other additives like vinyl or acrylic. I would never buy a crib mattress that wasn’t waterproof because you can’t clean it and it can grow mold if it gets full of urine or other body fluids. Of course Naturepedic sells non-waterproof ones also if you want one. You can also get organic bassinets, sheets, mattress pads and other things too.

  2. pete & erin Says:

    We are in the market for bamboo sheets after reading how luxuriously soft they are, almost like silk. SInce bamboo grows so rapidly they are quite a sustainable product as well.
    Thank you for the sites for us to peruse and choose.
    Keep the info coming!

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