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#16–Simple Ways to Travel Green March 20, 2008

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Airports are filled with so much stuff………it’s like they’ve realized people get this sudden urge to buy everything as they are leaving land for a while. We probably take 2 or 3 family trips a year involving airports. We’ve attempted to minimize our purchases by doing some of the following things:

  • bring snacks from home
  • stainless steel water bottle(see post #2) (our kids wheel their own back packs around so this works out ok)
  • if we do buy a treat, a book, etc…we never take a shopping bag, its about to get packed anyway
  • use our own headsets
  • minimal ziplock bag usage when’s tempting but so unnecessary to ziplock everything. we save the ziplocks from trip to trip and try to use plastic i’ve saved from sheet or comforter packaging.
  • minimize souvenir purchases–all that plastic junk never lasts very long anyway.
  • re-use small shampoo/conditioner/soap containers

Its tempting when a trip is coming to go shopping for new clothing, toiletries,books etc……It’s amazing how much simpler the trip can be when we use what we already have. even though the kids have grown a bit most stuff from the summer still fits and they basically wear the same thing in the sun everyday anyway…….besides it’s kind fun to purchase a couple items (non-plastic, of course) when your away!

here’s to happy, simple, green travelling ! (St Patrick would be proud)


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