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#18–Burger King Toys April 3, 2008

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I’m not sure if its possible to write my way out of a panic attack but I’m going to try. Throughout this blog, I think I’ve tried to stay really level headed. People respond better to reason and science and calm more than to panic. Well today I’m not feeling very level headed or reasonable or scientific or anything remotely connected to calm. I’m staring at 4, PLASTIC, junky Sponge Bob figures that I—me (the plastic freak) paid for at Burger King the other day. 4 kids meals and 4 Sponge Bob figures later I’m on the brink of a nervous breakdown. How did I let this happen? A baysitter, whining kids, a moment of indulgence and now I’m staring at 4 figures that will never, ever, in a million years decompose. I did this.

I can’t tell if I’m more annoyed at myself or Burger King. Who are they to pollute our world and our homes with pieces of plastic that our ruining our children’s future. Maybe it’s the media’s fault? That must be why our 3 year old even knows about Burger King in the first place. Who are they to poison our kids’ minds with ideas of happiness connected to the french fries that they eat? Who am I to purchase and indulge in this chain of health- destroying, world- polluting industry?

I just can’t stomach the idea that these plastic toys are going to be here forever. My inspiration for starting this blog was the “plastic stew” that exists in the Pacific Ocean……….”a swirling vortex of plastic.” A combination of plastic that never even made it into the incinerator and nurdles–tiny pieces of plastic which come from broken down plastic. ( Once again these nurdles will never go away.) This plastic will outlive us by 1000’s of years. But equally as bad, the nurdles are turning up in our food ( fish especially), in our homes, in the air we breathe. Our health is being poisoned by plastic. The stew in the ocean equals the size of Texas. Did I mention that plastic will never go away? (If you haven’t read this article you really need to).

So this is where I’m at. I can beat myself up all day over the Burger King toys (which I undoubtedly will) or I can do something. It kills me that Burger King doesn’t care. Or maybe they do and they are not sure what to do about it. So I end this post on the following note: I’ve gotta go write a letter to Burger King. I’ll let them know about the plastic stew and the myriad of chemicals connected to their plastic toys. Maybe they’ll care. Maybe they’ll give out a toy which isn’t going to kill our kids or our planet. Is that too idealistic to hope for? In the meantime, don’t shop Burger King. And check back: I’ll post my letter (and hopefully response) from them. It would be great if you could send the letter to Burger King too. (or if anyone wants to take responsibility for McDonalds!)

p.s.  panic attack slightly subsiding


6 Responses to “#18–Burger King Toys”

  1. pete & erin Says:

    I love this blog! We should all be having such panick attacks, Michelle! And a lot more often. It is a sign that we are alive and awake in the reality of the challenges we face – and not numb or unwilling to feel the gravity of our current situation. Crisis precipitates change!!!

  2. Barb Says:

    I am slowly weaning away from BK and McDonalds but first step was I do not purchase Kids Meals with the toys. Bk w/o spongebob was 1st step.

  3. Collector Says:

    I agree with your point of view, but im a huge collector of novelties and figurines. I always looked forward to getting my toy in a meal or just the toy itself. Alot of the business these resturants get is from fans who only want the toys. Instead of worrying about plastic you should worry about how much food these chain resturants dump out a night. Its a complete waste, there is so many starving children out there.

  4. nino Says:

    Holy cow!!! Chill.. I can tell you I have bought many many BK and MCd just for the toys. My kids would not eat the crap that is called food but our 9 rescue dogs sure like it. There is always a silver lining in the cloud just look for it. My stray dogs love love love BK and MCD. Go on ebay and just look at all of these toys that are for sale. My daughter recently had to have eye surgery and about a week before I had found a figure from Beauty and the Beast from the early 90’s at the goodwill. Upon waking up I gave it to her and I could not have given her anything she would have liked any better. We have one of those big ole trash cans that you put outside full of these toys and she loves them. When she no longer plays with them I will take them to Good Will for their third round of love. Peace Out.

    • michelleodonoghue Says:

      i actually don’t think this is a topic worth “chilling” about. the chemicals in plastic are documented to be detrimental to our health, especially children who touch the unstable plastic and then have their hands in their mouth. those toys are made in china…..i would keep them as far away from your kids as possible. why not eliminate the toxins from sources that we can control? like our kids toys, shower curtains, water bottles, lawns. god knows there are enough problems that we can’t control.

  5. nino Says:

    One more comment. Just think how much plastic would go away if washing powder, ketchup, mayo, mustard, Coke, Pepsi, and many many other companies would go back to using glass. The only products that should stay in plastic is shampoo simply because of the breakage danger in the bath.

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