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#19- Enlightening Note to Burger King April 10, 2008

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Here’s the letter I wrote to Burger King. (seep post #18 for explanation). I hope they respond.

Burger King Corporation

Dept of Consumer Relations

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive

Miami, FL 33106 April 10, 2008

Consumer Relations Department,

I am deeply concerned about the toys that Burger King is giving out with their kids’ meals. These plastic toys—wrapped in plastic—pose serious threats to our children and our environment. Plastic is detrimental in so many ways, especially the following:

  • 120 billions pounds of plastic produced each year! Only 3-5% is even attempted to be recycled.
  • In fact, plastic is so toxic to recycle that very few recyclers even attempt the process (carcinogenic chemicals are released into the air when plastic is heated)
  • There is a swirling vortex of plastic in the northern Pacific ocean—the size of Texas– consisting of plastic toys, wrappers, body care products, bottle caps, cigarette lighters, motor oil jugs, etc………this garbage never quite made it to a landfill. This large swath of garbage is held in place by the combination of water and air currents and has no place to “disappear” to.
  • Plastic is a relatively new substance, only around for the last 145 years. From what scientists are seeing now, plastic never completely decomposes, but just breaks down into “nurdles.” (tiny pieces of plastic that swirl throughout our oceans and our air, people and animals inhaling this every breath we take)
  • Plastic chemicals interfere with gene activity. If any random human blood sample is taken to a lab for testing, 100 industrial chemicals will show up. (which didn’t show up 50 years ago.)
  • Most plastics contain a substance called BPA—Bisphenol A—a known endocrine disruptor. Scientists are connecting this chemical, found in human blood supply, to fertility problems, cancer, obesity, and learning disabilities.

We have an enormous plastic problem in our world. Burger King has such an opportunity to make a difference by simply changing the millions of toys you give out each year. There must be alternatives that Burger King could use as their give away toy, an alternative that does not endanger our children’s health or pollute our fragile ecosystem. (i.e. trading cards, stickers, tattoos, pencils?)

I would appreciate a response to this letter. I am posting these happenings on the blog site and the production company Atlas Films will be taking note of this exchange and is hoping to film the positive outcome. I can be reached at

Thank you for your time.

Michelle Walrath

Executive Director Atlas Films


3 Responses to “#19- Enlightening Note to Burger King”

  1. ArianeLadd Says:

    Amazing Michelle – great job!

  2. You go get ’em! I am so glad you wrote that letter. Eventually, general consciousness about the horrors of our plastic, fleeting cultural indulgences will reach that ‘tipping point’ and such mindlessness will no longer be acceptable, or accepted – even by the burger-machine culture. Yours is exactly the kind of voice that needs to be heard to make that happen. I am inspired.

  3. Pete Walrath Says:

    You go girl! Did they respond yet? Also wondering… what is Atlas Films?

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