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#20-Order your summer veggies now! April 17, 2008

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Its tempting to stay focused on my Burger King rampage, It seems they are going to need endless amounts of help, but I’m feeling pulled to something healthy and optimistic so I’ve got some good info going on about farm cooperatives and joining a group that will deliver fresh vegetables right to you this spring and summer. Other wise known as Community Supported Agriculture, (CSA’s), these farm cooperatives are open to anyone willing to pay for a share in the farms produce. (This includes city dwellers, and actually urbanites tend to have more choices of farms b/c more people –including many restaurants–are participating in the CSA’s). I’ve done a bunch of searches ( this will be our first time doing it too) and there are tons of farms in the NY / CT area.

This is a fantastic way to get local, fresh, organic, just-picked produce (fruits, veggies, sometimes flowers, honey, coffee, eggs, milk). For those of us already shopping green and organic, the prices tend to be pretty high and this is a great way to eat really well at an affordable price. For others who are just getting into this movement CSA’s offer a really interesting, interactive opportunity to enjoy food at its best.

I love that this reduces plastic usage monumentally–no produce bags, no shopping bags (usually delivered in reusable crates), and no food transportation costs (well, minimal to get from local farm to you).

Here are some easy ways to get started:

  • — website connects you to local farms who will deliver to you
  •–connecting consumers to farms, focus on businesses
  •— lots of exciting leads on this webpage, (including restaurants and B&B’s who use local farms and organic produce)
  • make a phone call or email connection with farm
  • sign-up for a share (1x week) (or a half or quarter share–less deliveries)
  • establish pick – up site (usually within a short drive from where you live)
  • Bon Appetit! (these groups usually tend to share recipes, insights and storing tips for all your fruits and veggies)

If having a back yard garden isn’t possible give this a try. i think we’ll love it.

Maybe I can get Burger King to sign up!


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