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#21–Update on BPA (Bisphenol A)research April 17, 2008

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As mentioned in some earlier posts, BPA is an endocrine imitator, therefore creating a false estrogen effect in the body and creating an imbalance in our hormonal activity. In the 1930’s BPA was specifically created as an endocrine disruptor to help control difficult pregnancies. When that craze died down, scientists realized it was a “helpful”addition to polycarbonate (hard,colored) plastics to help make them reusable. The things I’d like to say to those scientists aren’t really acceptable to write so instead please,please, please take this matter into your own hands………

As a good friend stated, I don’t want to make anyone crazy but this is scary………..

If you are using baby bottles, 5 gallon plastic water jugs, and other hard, colored plastics (ex. nalgene bottles, outdoor dinnerware) and eat a lot of canned goods, please read this article.

BPA is turning up in the lining of many canned goods ( acting as a preservative, it them leeches into the food, especially acidic foods -tomato sauce–and high fat foods–infant formula, chicken soup).

This chemical is getting the attention of our govt and will eventually be phased out of our plastics and foods BUT in the meantime avoid at all costs.

As the article’s research so clearly states, BPA has been connected to :

  • Hyperactivity
  • low sperm count
  • early onset puberty
  • miscarriage
  • obesity
  • diabete
  • altered immune system

BPA affects children so intensely b/c of their high metabolic rates, low body weight, and their rapid growth. Children are the most vulnerable so it is important to eliminate BPA from their lives.

Oh also, worries about pre-natal exposure are real, so all of US should avoid this chemical.


  • Buy a carbon filter (or reverse osmosis or combo of the two ) for your drinking water. (I like whole house filters best b/c removes chemicals from bath and shower water as well, but these are expensive)
  • Use stainless steel water bottles with filtered tap water (instead of plastic water bottles, even the soft plastic water bottles are known to leech, although not BPA)
  • Baby bottles: switch to glass or Born Free makes a BPA-free plastic bottle (CVS, Whole Foods, food stores,
  • Do NOT heat foods in plastic in the microwave (BPA leeches at higher temperatures)
  • Cut back on canned foods as the BPA liner leeches into the food

7 Responses to “#21–Update on BPA (Bisphenol A)research”

  1. Gerald Says:

    A good thing to do is invest in some Pyrex storage containers. I need to get of my lazy bum and handle that, actually.

  2. Charise Says:

    I have a comment/question. I have a reverse osmosis and carbon filter, but my reverse osmosis tank uses plastic in it. Isn’t this creating more harm than good?


  3. pete & erin Says:

    it amazes me when i hear new information about toxic materials that are still being used even though we know about the dangers.

  4. Lauren Longwell Says:

    Thanks for everything you do! We had guests with 2 babies visiting this weekend. We went to buy them Gerber baby food, and it was housed in #7 plastics. We were blown away!

    For Tyler’s health issues we have removed all plastic dishes, water bottles, and sippy cups – and today, we purchased stainless steel water bottles for the park from a great CO vendor (

    What do you recommend us doing with the plastic items? What is the safest manner to get rid of it? Or should we use it in the garage for storage, etc?

    And we cannot afford to have multiple stainless steel to go cups per family member -are there other viable sippy cup options?


  5. michelleodonoghue Says:

    things that affect our health, both short and long term consequences of chemicals and toxins on adults and children

  6. michelleodonoghue Says:

    things that affect our health, both short and long term consequences of chemicals and toxins on adults and children

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