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#27- Choosing the Glass (Best!) or Plastic (2nd best) Milk Bottle June 5, 2008

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Before you get too excited about using plastic, the best option here is milk sold in glass containers, but for those of you (us) who don’t choose this option, plastic is the next best alternative………….better than the cardboard milk container. How is this possible? the cardboard containers are lined with a waxy, plastic residue that makes recycling them impossible…….

The bottom of the plastic jug should have the #1 or #2 on it—almost every recycling center in the country accepts these for recycling, these are the safest plastics out there as there are no leeching concerns (as of yet) with these plastics. Buy the largest size container as is practical for your family (bulk is always better when it comes to packaging as it reduces the amount of garbage going to the landfill).

Some Sites:

  • HudsonMilk –for those of you in westchester or upsate NY, this is an incredible option for getting the freshest, safest milk possible. this farm will delver hormone-free, organic milk, eggs, and other dairy products right to your door (you just need a cooler!) this is an amazing option.
  • Glass Bottle Milk —Delivery throughout the USA (great options for people in upstate NY, midwest, and west)
  • Manhattan Milk Company — if you are living in the 5 boroughs this is the site for you! “Glass bottles, certified organic milk, delivered straight to your door.”
  • Get Plastic out of your diet –this is not a fun article to read, but it is an impressive one. Author argues that as much plastic as possible should be eliminated from our diet as plastic is ruining our lives, one small molecule at a time. It especially argues that plastic should not touch our food or drink at any cost.
  • –a comprehensive site for all types of organic delivery
  • Crestwood Farms-long island milk delivery, website will be up and running soon.
  • Whole Foods–carries milk in glass jars, bring jar back for 1.00 deposit.

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