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#29- Gorgeously Green June 21, 2008

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One of my favorite new books is Gorgeously Green, by Sophie Uliano. In a really saavy, amusing, light hearted way, the author provides so many great tips for going green in all areas of our life. She provides so many resources and substitutes for eliminating toxic chemicals from our lives. From beauty regimes to cleaning, from our kitchens to decorating the house, she is full of great ideas and resources. If you are looking for a fresh way to start the summer GREEN this a great book to do it with.

Some examples of her life-changing tips:

  • Fill your bed rooms with as many household plants as you can (they eliminate household toxins, especially formaldehyde–a cancer causing substance found in everything from personal care products to no-iron clothes and particle board.
  • Close the loop (my new favorite expression)–buy recycled products–website addresses for tons of choices
  • thestarfishproject–what to do with unused medicines, antibiotics–they should NEVER go in regular waste as they contaminate our water supply.
  • great, easy recipes so we can avoid take-out food and live healthier overall. this is a HUGE step in eliminating plastic, home cooked meals (especially using local, farm stand goods) reduce so much waste. in our house i keep a handful of frozen and pantry foods that are easy to concoct into anything so we rarely have to order take out. (pasta, frozen vegetables, frozen burrito’s (Amy’s kitchen–delicious), rice and beans, ravioli. )
  • incredible resource for homemade gifts, creative, plastic-free giving ex., an adopt an animal site, in which the receiver gets an adoption certificate and a framed photograph of her animal. we’ve done this through World Wildlife Foundation as well (you get a stuffed animal as part of the adoption) and our friends have loved getting this gift.

There are so many inspiring way to go green. Everyone can be a part of this in their own unique way. It just seems like now is the time to start doing as mucha s poss


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