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#36- living plastic -free (and sadly its not me) August 8, 2008

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From a friend, I found out there’s an impressive,incredible woman out there in the big wide world who is living plastic-free. She can be found at

In summary she made a pledge two years ago to eliminate all plastic from her life… purchases, no gifts, no saran wrap, baggies, magazines (lined with waxy plastic), produce bags, even shampoo and conditioner containers (not sure how she is pulling that one off…..) She is making serious headway and influencing many others to live plastic-free. It struck me as I perused her blog, that as much as I care about the plastic situation, I’m really not living anywhere near plastic-free. There is always more we can do and I think when we all do something it really adds up. So in honor of the plastic- free lady (i think she calls herself Envirowoman) I will be permanently giving up saran wrap in our house and instead using the tupperware I already own, bowls with lids, pots with lids and any other alternative I can come up with.

We have spent some impressive time this summer picking up plastic on the beaches and trails. The kids have become great helpers collecting bottle caps,balloons, water bottles, pacifiers, old shovels, cups, etc…. off teh beaches and at least saving some items from entering the plastic stew. I keep reminding myself, first step is to reduce, second step re-use, third step recycle. Each day we are involved in all three steps and I have to believe that is making a difference.


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