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#40– Disappointing News From the Garbage Dump September 11, 2008

Filed under: healthy home,no more plastic — michelleodonoghue @ 2:57 am

I called my recycling facility the other day with high hopes. Our garbage men have repeatedly told us that EVERYTHING gets recycled so I don’t have to separate my items–the good people at the dump do that for us. I’ve been tossing every type of plastic into the orange bin, smugly thinking I was saving the world. Is this really possible? I wonder? Trusting my gut instinct led to disappointing news.

The only plastics that our dump recylces are #’s 1 and 2 (see previous post). BUT, if one item contains more than one type of plastic, then the whole item is not recycled. EXAMPLE: if I throw a poland spring water bottle (#1) into the bin, with the cap on (no #) then the entire item is NOT recyclable.

That is really bad news. Almost everyone throws their bottle into the bin with the cap on. What to do?

Every day in our country, Americans consume 70 MILLION bottles of water. (very few of these even make it to recycling) It’s got to stop. Each one of us is in charge of figuring this dilemma out. If you live in nyc (or even if you don’t) join the pledge to take back the tap. It might just save the backs of those good people at the garbage dump.


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