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#41–Waste-free Lunch Kits September 11, 2008

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I’m so wishing I’d written about this before the school year started, but better late than never!

I think these kits are produced by a mom-run company:

Lunch kits that come with small stainless steel containers, a sandwich wrapper, a stainless steel drink bottle, a cloth napkin, and a reusable carrier.

the slogan for the company is “kids are the voice of change….choose to reuse!”

Children’s lunches create 3.5 billion pounds of waste every year. Even if you choose not to buy this kit ($40), everyone can choose to use cloth napkins, use a stainless steel beverage container, and avoid plastic wraps.

Ultimately, these kits will save money. Snacks can be purchased in bulk and divided into small containers, no more crazy expensive juice boxes (which NEVER decompose b/c the cardboard is lined with foil), no more crazy expensive water bottles (which aren’t good for you anyway), and overall much less waste going into landfill.

Did I mention it takes 700 years for a plastic water bottle to break down? (70 million a day into our landfills)


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