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#44- A Green Halloween September 29, 2008

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Halloween has grown on me now that our kids love it, but I have a really hard time stomaching all the waste….. there’s got to be a better way.

Some of our very basic ideas:

  • share, reuse, homemade costumes–its not our kids first choice as we’ve been receiving costume catalogs since July, but if you can get away with borrowing…. (i know there are at least 700 of us who own the chili pepper costume)
  • no plastic goody bags
  • plastic-free candy–lollipops are kinda low maintenance(except for the cavities!), hershey’s small chocolate bars, hershey kisses, apples,(kinda boring) pencils, 
  • party goods–no plastic or styrofoam!!
  • homemade decorations

The sites below have fantastic ideas (better than mine) for organic candy to give out, organic food, green party ideas and lots of other great advice.

green this halloween— great craft projects!–good adult party ideas (spiked pumpkin punch!)


This is another one of those times, if we all do a little the result is big. Here’s to a green Halloween…..and a couple glasses of spiked pumpkin punch!


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