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#45–Right back at ya. October 12, 2008

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My first blogpost from California……

The other day I asked Patrick’s teacher how we could celebrate his 4 year old birthday, coming up in a few weeks. We had already ordered Pokemon birthday supplies,(all paper goods) which we were ecstatic about using, and I figured add in some mini cupcakes and we were good to go…..

Well, not quite. In this school they have this amazingly impressive, green, HEALTHY system down. They already have re-usable snack- ware (pokemon not invited), and the snack (everyday) should consist of a carbohydrate, a dairy, and a fruit or veggie–even on birthdays! Music to my ears,and surprisingly fine with Patrick. This is what the kids are used to and he is just fine to go along or the ride (consolation to all the bleeding hearts out there: Patrick will get to use pokemon supplies for his out of school bday party, but I am fully expecting to get questioned by someone on that!).

So, next I ask the teacher about bringing in homemade pumpkin bread and organic frozen yogurt tubes, a favorite in our house. ¬†She said “well, that would be ok this time, BUT we are trying to go PLASTIC-FREE in this school.”

Enough said, right back at ya.