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#49- Obnoxious? November 15, 2008

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So I’m obsessed with the amount of plastic accumulating around our house right now due to the month of birthdays (mine too!)

When i sent out Patrick’s birthday invites to the local bowling alley I almost wrote on the invites, “please no plastic gifts.” But I stopped myself. I’m the new mom around here and the last thing I need is an obnoxious reputation for myself in the new neighborhood. (left my NY reputation behind me) And besides, I assumed, I am in California, I’m sure no one even gives plastic gifts in this state.

Wrong assumption! Much to Patricks delight we have tons of new, shiny plastic birthday toys around! I truly am glad he is so excited (and I am grateful that people even celebrated the new kids’ birthday with him) but I have a hard time stomaching the fact that my offspring are so responsible for so much junk….

Unfortunately for his big brother I am willing to cross the obnoxious line for his upcoming birthday. The email invite I sent out to his 10 friends in kindergarten mentioned that our family is trying to go the green route and “gifts are not expected but if you do choose to please let it be plastic-free and simple.” Hmmm….still not sure if that is obnoxious as I haven’t heard any responses to that yet but I will keep you posted.

Some thoughts I’ve had (we’ve been going to parties too and the holidays are coming up):

  • small parties with 5 of kids closest friends
  • Group gifts–why not chip in with one or two other families and give a plastic-free gift or that way if it is plastic the damage is less pervasive
  • gently used toys (does that sound red neck?)
  •  start a great chapter book collection 
  • Adopt an animal (world wildlife fund and many other organizations have this now)
  • jewelry 
  • art supplies (functional plastic?), coloring books, craft materials 
  • puzzles, blocks, stuffed animals
  • ice cream gift certificates
  • cool t-shirt
  • construction tools (target has great selection of tools– adult supervision required but super fun)
  • board games (without plastic pieces)
  • very own stainless steel water bottle
  • baking supplies
  • gardening set, with the real tools
  • automoblox (wooden cars with interchanging pieces)

I think it helps to stock up on a bunch of “good” gifts…. (really cool toy called bilbo, made of recycled plastic), connectagons, qwirkle,dado cubes,

tjmaxx (lots of good choices)


4 Responses to “#49- Obnoxious?”

  1. 4plastics411com Says:

    what kind of cool tshirt would that be? Because there is a potential that it was made from recycled plastic… that other than an oil rag, may not be able to be recycled..

    The key here isn’t boycott…it is awareness and responsible action. I have the same concerns as you..only I intend to make changes to the way we do things…instead of trying to wipe out technological advancement entirely.

    Alternate means of using landfill-bound items is where we need to focus….not an industrial witchunt.

    Can’t we all just get along?:)

  2. Lauren Longwell Says:

    Michelle – Thank you so much for this post. Hope you are enjoying your new CA world! As I start preparing for Xmas, I loved all your suggestions – thank you! And I think you stated a plastic free gift suggestion kindly and wonderfully in your invitation.

    One other idea I have used is having Xmas Wreaths delivered to all my family and friends who are back east. They are functional, fresh, & use only all natural Maine Balsam Fir, and ribbon.

    On another note, I just had a pampered chef party and all the items were delivered in individual, plastic bags. I felt so horrible passing all the plastic out to everyone. Due to your leadership and example, I will send pampered chef a note asking them to change their practice!

    Thanks for everything!

  3. Regina Says:

    I love this Michelle and will be sending it around. Good ideas about kid gifts ANYWAY…and may I ask, where on earth do you find time to blog?! AmaZING!

  4. Erin Says:

    Good for you, Michelle! I think your second invitation was worded perfectly. You’re just letting people know a little bit about who you are, and that’s great. They will probably all appreciate the opportunity to become plastic free gift givers if they are not already.

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