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#50–Gifts Galore! November 20, 2008

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Some of the feedback i am getting recently is that the gift guides are really helpful. It is so encouraging that so many of us are going plastic-free this holiday season….


here is a link from a very comprehensive green website:

(all different merchants selling responsibly made goods: t-shirts, fair trade, kids toys, body care products, chocolates, coffee, kitchen goods, flowers and seeds, jewelry, sweaters, yarns for knitting, hats and scarves, organic towels….. the list is endless…something for everybody! )

And for the person who is writing from 4plastics411@gmail who wants to know why we all can’t get along: plastics are harming our environment and our children at alarming rates. You suggest I am intending to wipe out technological advancement. I am not.  But I am hoping to eliminate unnecessary and harmful plastic from our lives. For more on that you can check out the earlier posts on this blog. BTW, beware your shower curtain.


2 Responses to “#50–Gifts Galore!”

  1. Garrett Says:

    Actually, I FULLY support what you are doing..we are on the same side…so much so, that I had just prior to my post on your site switched from the production side of plastics to the research side… in order to create about 150 jobs for people who are in an employment crisis…. a recycling center.

    There is also an environmental section on my plastics website:

    If you misunderstood my reply, I apologize…

    we share the same cause..just from different sides of the fence, is all…

  2. Garrett Says:

    One last thing…plastics aren’t harming our environment…people’s misuse of them is harming the environment.

    Reduce-Reuse-Recycle …not just a catchy phrase to put on a bumper…

    For instance… here’s a question that has been plaguing me for about a week…

    I’m sure you heard about the huge debris pile in the northern Pacific, between Japan and Hawaii. Did you know that they’ve (biologists) known about its existence since the ’50’s? So I have to ask…why did it take 50 odd years to be brought to our attention?

    It is kind of like not having an infection on your know its there but are waiting until it is time to amputate to go to the doctor.

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