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Whatever you do, don’t…. September 30, 2009

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hang that plastic shower curtain….I’ ve written about this before, but it keeps coming back to me because using one of those vinyl (PVC) shower curtains is one of the most toxic things you can do in your household. The Center for Health, Environment, and Justice has issued warnings about the long term effects of exposure to the “poison plastic,” and has strongly urged all retailers to remove vinyl shower curtains from their shelves.  According to CHEJ, a vinyl shower curtain releases 108 dfferent volatile organic compounds (VOC’s = very bad) into the air over 28 days.

It almost goes without saying, but  I will anyway :)….if you are pregnant or have young children the exposure to these toxins are even more harmful. One friend mentioned to  me that she got really lightheaded when she hung her new plastic curtain recently….hmmmm….there’s no mystery here, the chemicals in the vinyl go right to your lungs and bloodstream. STAY AWAY.


some alternatives:

HEMP –antimicrobial, resistant to fading and super durable. can be found at

LINEN– very natural looking, I didn’t use a liner with mine and it held up fine, can be found at

COTTON– organic is best, but any cotton is better than PVC…

happy showering!


2 Responses to “Whatever you do, don’t….”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hey Michelle,

    Thanks for all your great entries! Just wanted to throw out there the use of glass shower doors. We put then up in all our bathrooms, and as long as privacy isn’t an issue, they’re great.

  2. stephanie Says:

    omg – how did I not know that?

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