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I Took The Plastic Pledge October 26, 2009

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to never drink from a plastic bottle again……not just water, but all plastic drinks (vitamin water, sodas, perrier as well.)  And its not that I drink those very often, but when the urge calls….) I’ve always justified it by recycling the bottle afterwards. After spending a weekend in LA with the plastic pollution coalition, an impressive group of people, who are committed to eliminating single-use plastics in our disturbingly wasteful culture. Difficult mission, but essential. I will rave about them in a coming post…

Back to my pledge….Why did I wait so long?? As the executive producer (fancy title!!) of a film that  berates the use of bottled water I should have been the first to sign up. In fact, I should have started this campaign.  I didn’t because it is really hard to do, even though I know, inside and out, all the dire consequences to our health and our planet when plastic is produced, consumed, tossed, even recycled.

And the earth shattering (and earth saving) news here is that since my husband and I took the pledge, my children, by default, have taken the pledge as well. That makes 6 of us who will no longer be contributing to the plastic bottle mess.

Some key thoughts cross my mind in order to be able to do this effectively:

1.) since I already have filtered water at home, I need to have lots of reusable bottles filled and  ready to grab at an instants notice

2.) be prepared emotionally for those uncomfortable situations when a friend offers a bottled drink and I have to stick to my pledge (despite being really thirsty)

3.) be prepared for lots of complaining from children when they are not allowed a vitamin water after ice hockey or basketball practice, or at the birthday party or at their friends’ house or in the airport…..what exactly did I get myself into??

4.) purchase a water bottle that has a filter in it so I can drink water on the go

I’m sure I’m not thinking of a few pieces to this puzzle but I’m committed. Game on….

Join me!!