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Give Up the Bottle For A Week November 10, 2009

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Plastic bottles. All types. Its a really manageable way to start eliminating plastic from your life and a really satisfying way to prove to yourself that you really don’t need to drink from plastic.

Best case scenario: you make it through the week without an ounce of plastic and you continue down the bottle-less road forever.

OK scenario: you make it through the week without any plastic bottles and then you start drinking from plastic again but feel so lousy about it that you eliminate most plastic bottles from now on.

Worst case scenario: you crack and have a cold diet coke in a plastic bottle. There’s always next week and I can guarantee you will feel inspired to try again.

It’s been over 2 weeks since we’ve taken the “no more plastic bottle” pledge and we’ve stayed on course, especially impressive since we’ve been traveling(with kids). In some crazy way it’s made me feel super connected to people and our water supply. When you take the time to ask someone for a cup of tap water, they usually ask why. That leads to all sorts of conversation and before I know it there’s one more person who understands the dangers of plastic and how responsible we all are for fighting this plastic battle.

And the good news to top it all off: wine doesn’t come in a plastic bottle.