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Will you host a screening of Tapped? January 4, 2010

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World Water Day is on March 22nd. Tapped is available  ($20) to pre-order and it will be sent out by the end of February, in plenty of time to organize a screening at your home, the kids’s school, a local theatre or library. The hard work has been done. All the research, all the facts are in the film. Help us get the important messages out there —-plastic is slowly but surely ruining our health and the environment. The bottle water companies are desperately trying to take over water supplies in our countries. If they succeed they will control our access to clean drinking water. That is downright scary.

Do something little,(host a screening, write a letter)  do something big, (give up bottled water, join a local government group, show film in large theatre) but please, please, please do something about this water crisis. The problem is not going to go away unless ALL of us demand that our right to water stay free and accessible to all.


  • Order Tapped ($20)
  • Plan a party for March 22nd (serve wine, cheese, NO PLASTIC)
  • Peruse for subject matter on how we can all help
  • Watch the film at the “party”
  • Afterwards, talk about next steps, makes changes, gets a filter, sign a petition, write a letter, etc…..
  • feel like you’ve taken a significant step in alleviating the bottled water crisis

One Response to “Will you host a screening of Tapped?”

  1. Meghan Says:

    Am going to have a little shindig at my house!
    I saw on the Tapped FB page that a guy in town is hosting a screening in early February. Will also try to support this.

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