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BPA in cans….never, never, never consume (children especially) January 5, 2010

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Almost all canned goods have a liner that contains BPA ( a plastic- based material that is known to interfere with hormone production and cause a scary list of disease. ) There are a couple companies, (EDEN bean cans are BPA-free, but their tomato sauces are not, sold at whole foods)  who have figured out ways to preserve their food without the BPA but those are few and far between.  I’ve tried in the past to give up canned goods (beans, sauces) but I never fully succeed b/c it is always so much easier and quicker to make a meal using canned goods. Read article for further info.

As of yesterday, though, I’ve officially given up canned goods. (new years resolution #1). I made my first batch ever of chickpeas, right out of a bag (simmered on the stove for 4 hours then added to the pasta e fagioli soup–yum!)

If any of you have seen Tapped, there is a scientist in the film who claims that BPA will be the issue that dismantles the FDA. His research has shown conclusively that BPA is seriously detrimental to our health, as it only takes very small doses to completely disrupt our hormones. This is not something to take lightly. BPA is dangerous. It has been banned in Canada and most european countries ( i think). Don’t wait until this issue is proven further……eliminate BPA now

This is not simple  but there are major steps you can take to eliminate BPA:

  • buy as much fresh as possible, otherwise choose GLASS
  • make your own sauces and beans (not complicated, just time consuming.) make in large batches, let cool, then freeze in sturdy glass containers.
  • buy frozen vegetables / fruits instead
  • eliminate soda (the new soda makers out there are getting rave reviews. William sonoma has one ($200), as does bloomingdales ($100).
  • no  baby formula from cans, infants and children are so vulnerable to this chemical.
  • NEVER microwave plastic
  • Get in touch with producers of canned goods. Pick one or two of your favorites and let them know BPA is not OK. There is an alternative, about 13% more expensive, to line the can using natural / plant-based ingredients.

Sucks to be lied to about BPA. once again ,this is a demand side story, if customers demand and stop purchasing in the meantime) these companies will have to change their practices.


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