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BPA in liner in SIGG bottles January 5, 2010

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Please read the following article, just released, about BPA existing in the liners of SIGG bottles. Study says BPA was never found to leech in their bottles BUT that is a huge problem just the same.  SIGG should be embarassed by their behavior and figure out some way to make up for their dishonesty. BPA in plastic  is one of the main reasons people were switching to stainless steel containers and it is horrific that an eco-company would lie to us just to improve their bottom line.

(in the past year SIGG has completely changed the BPA liner and now states there is an eco liner w/o any BPA.)  Even if this is true they’ve completely lost my business.

I plan to be in touch with SIGG. You should too. I will share contact info as soon as I have it.

In the meantime, I continue to recommend glass bottles (AQUASANA, please see previous post) and the kleen kanteen (light weight, food grade stainless steel) bottles. Atlas (Tapped) sells the kleen kanteens (not promoting, just disclosing) and although they are made in China, we feel confident they are healthy water bottles.


One Response to “BPA in liner in SIGG bottles”

  1. Juli Says:

    fyi- Kleen Kanteens are made from food grade stainless steel.

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