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SIGG’s contact form January 7, 2010

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I complained, so should you….

SIGG contact info

It sounds like SIGG had a replacement program going but it ended in october. Their new bottles are lined with a BPA-free liner, which they spent a lot of money researching. SIGG denies any wrongdoing stating that there were never any studies that showed leeching. Although that may be true it is still dishonest and disheartening that SIGG messed with their loyal customers and cared more about their bottom line than customer concerns.

The least they could do is give replacement bottles, although at this point, they’ve lost my business for good. (Patagonia has also severed ties with SIGG)


2 Responses to “SIGG’s contact form”

  1. Thanks for the link. Just sent a complaint, too.

  2. tsa Says:

    whole foods is so awesome because they let me return my sigg bottle, no issues. REI let me return my other one because I’m a member and that’s part of their policy, but got a bit of a lecture from the cashier.

    I was very disappointed as well by SIGG’s misrepresentation of their liner–especially when they knew that it was one of the main reasons people were purchasing their bottles. Would not purchase their products again–regardless of their new liner.

    I’m sending SIGG a complaint too.

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