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Front Page of the NY Times January 21, 2010

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“U.S. concerned about the risks from a plastic”

The FDA is expressing concerns about possible health risks from BPA.  It’s probably a waste of time to be angry that it took them this long to do something about such a harmful chemical but wow, this disturbs me. BPA has been in question for years. How could they have been ignoring sound scientific studies for so long? We’ve see male rats “turn” female  b/c of this chemical.

Since this FDA study will probably take longer than we like so in the meantime, continue to trust your gut on this one. (and if not your gut, than those of us who have been screaming that this is terrible for you for years) Avoid BPA at all costs–canned goods (sodas, beans, sauces, formula)  and  plastics with #7 (water coolers, older baby bottles, many food storage plastics) on it are the main places it is found.

BPA—Be Pro–Active b/c BPA is really bad for you!



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