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All Wrapped up in Cloth Diapers March 10, 2010

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I use cloth diapers with my 7 mos old and have since the day she was born. Despite the fact that we travel a lot and she is the youngest of 4 kids (on the road for after school sports often), we have managed to stick with our committment to use cloth diapers. In fact, we have used 3 packs only of 7th generation diapers since she was born. Not a perfect record but pretty darn close.

Here are some Questions that a very astute (7 mos pregnant) friend has asked regarding getting involved with cloth diapers, followed by my very honest answers about dealing with all that poop!
1) Do you mind the snaps on the Fuzzi Bunz diapers? I have been researching gDiapers and Bum Genuis and both of those have velcro. Is it tricky to snap the snaps on a moving child? Do they seem to hold better than velcro?

I enjoy the snaps (they hold up really well and make the sizing really flexible. I’ve used the same ones since marielle was born and they will easily fit until at least a year old or more)  it’s not too difficult to snap them ( now that she squirms i just give her a toy to hold while i change her). At night, i sometimes use 7th generation b/c they don’t leak during the 12hr night.

2) How many cloth diapers do you think are necessary to have? How often do you do laundry a week with the cloth diapers? Do the stains come out?

I do the laundry every other day. I bought 18 diapers (in the beginning i used 9/ day, now I use 6/ day).  They acquire a strong smell pretty quickly so it is helpful to be able to run a load that often.  i use a gentle detergent and a heaping tablespoon of baking soda and the stains mostly come out.  at first that bothered me that i could see slight staining but i’ve gotten over it. it is only the insert pad that stains for some reason, not the cute diaper cover.  and again, it is light staining

3) How do you get the poop oft the diapers? Do you use a sprayer? Do you find that the diaper washes clean? Do you have to bleach them?

during the first 6 mos, i just wash the diapers with the poop in it (watery and comes out so easily). now that marielle is eating food, i shake off what i can in the toilet bowl. a sprayer in a mudroom style sink would be really helpful but i don’t have that.  the washing machines really do a great job getting rid of the waste and getting the diapers clean. again, baking soda is really helpful, so are a few drops of tea tree oil.  i am not a bleach fan as i think the fumes are harmful and bad for the earth.  i’m almost sure fuzzi bunz recommends not using bleach.  i’ve heard good things about g diapers but haven’t used yet.

Cloth diapers aren’t perfect but I do enjoy the softness and cuteness and sustainability factors.


2 Responses to “All Wrapped up in Cloth Diapers”

  1. It seems that you assume ALL plastics are bad, or inferior, to the alternatives. Do you believe that it is possible that there are plastics which should not be ‘passed on’ as the least favorable solution ALWAYS?

    Is ANY plastic superior to the alternatives in your opinion?

    Plastic diapers bad for landfills? That’s like saying trash is bad for trashcans.

    Have you considered the effect of the soiled products adding to our overburdened water supply waste stream systems?

    Have you considered that energy producing waste incinerator professionals say things like diapers are needed and burn cleanly?

    Have you considered that plastic diapers use less energy in total than rewashing cloth over and over?

    Have you considered how much natural forest has to be replaced by cotton fields and the effects of that on global warming?

    Have you seen one un-biased report comparing the usage?

    Or do you think, ever so simply… It’s plastic. it’s bad. is discussing this on our site, please add to it:

  2. Jessica Says:

    If you haven’t tried them yet, rice paper liners are fantastic. Especially during that early-eater phase where some of the diapers actually look like they’re filled with peanut butter, it’s nice to just flop that liner into the toilet and flush. They come in a roll, and you can just pull a few off for the diaper bag. Pure genius.

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