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Frozen Drinks (and it’s not even friday) March 10, 2010

Filed under: healthy baby,healthy home,no more plastic — michelleodonoghue @ 8:49 pm

We have recently discovered a major way to reduce plastic usage in our house. Instead of buying those large plastic juice containers–orange, apple, cranberry, juicy juice, etc…–we have started buying the frozen cardboard containers. We used to use this as kids and it just dawned on me how much plastic it eliminates from our life. Plus, I can stock tons of containers in the freezer and then I don’t run out in the middle of a play date. And another bonus, I can water down the juice just as I like it (so much healthier for their teeth and bodies)

Check out the different varieties at Whole Foods, our favorites so far are made by Columbia River Organics and Cascadian Farm Organics.

Even though we haven’t used single use plastics for 6 mos, I’ve been worried about the large jug plastics, both for health and environmental reasons. These cardboard frozen drinks solve many issues,

Now I really don’t have to feel guilty about my vodka cranberry’s!


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