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Is it Me May 6, 2010

Filed under: healthy baby,healthy home,no more plastic — michelleodonoghue @ 1:55 am

or are there pregnant ladies everywhere right now? at school, at the grocery store, at the field…..pregnant ladies abound! I love it (although thrilled its no longer me :). Must have something to do with springtime!

Whenever I see new life I think chemical avoidance…In utero  is a really vulnerable time for the growing baby, who so easily absorb all that mom’s breathe in.  The best way to eliminate chemicals  in our lives is by making sure they don’t exist in our own homes and schools. At one point I hesitated to push the organic mattress, being that it is so much more expensive than the normal (chemical-laden) ones. I don’t feel that hesitant anymore as I believe this may be one of the most important things you can do while your pregnant and for your baby afterwards. Even though moms-to-be don’t sleep very well during pregnancy, they still spend a lot of time in bed. Breathing toxic fumes from regular mattresses, 8 hrs/ night/ 365/ days a year is just not good for anyone.

In California, we have organic mattress stores to shop in directly. If that isn’t an option, please do an online search and get on the phone with a rep who can  explain the best match for you. When I purchased mattresses for our family I really liked the comfort and breathability and low maintenance of the rubber ones.  They are low maintenance and last a long time. They are so so comfortable. There are also wool / organic cotton options that are great as well.

Sweet dreams, happy breathing, healthy beginnings!


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