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We’re All In This Together February 7, 2010

A friend recently said to me, as I was rattling on and on about the importance of eliminating chemicals from our lives, that we are each entitled to our own opinion. I wasn’t quite sure how to take that so I took it as a subtle way of disagreeing with me…

In regards to politics, sushi, or a favorite form of exercise,  a different opinion than me would be ok. But, this topic—–eliminating chemicals from our lives—it’s not OK. We are all in this together. It does matter first and foremost to rid your own  home and school of toxins. But, unless all of us take / make great efforts to denounce  the 80,000 chemicals that contaminate our lives, we are all going to suffer the lousy consequences of toxins polluting our bodies.  If I stop using pesticides on my lawn but none of my neighbors do,  the water supply will stay contaminated. If I demand that diesel buses stop idling, but no other parents do, than all of our children will inhale the carcinogenic fumes. If I insist that only organic cleaning supplies enter my house but none of my relatives and neighbors join in, then toxic agents will still pervade. If I stop using plastic shower curtains but our friends don’t, then 38 poisonous chemical fumes will enter my bloodstream every time I hang out for a cup of coffee.

On that note—the one where we ALL do something– please take 3 minutes to watch this incredible video. There is a way to rid our homes/ schools/ workplaces of chemicals. It’s not complicated and the benefits are astounding for our health.  The ripple effect is truly amazing…..

Here’s to each of us having our own opinion, except for when it comes to chemicals 🙂


Whatever you do, don’t…. September 30, 2009

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hang that plastic shower curtain….I’ ve written about this before, but it keeps coming back to me because using one of those vinyl (PVC) shower curtains is one of the most toxic things you can do in your household. The Center for Health, Environment, and Justice has issued warnings about the long term effects of exposure to the “poison plastic,” and has strongly urged all retailers to remove vinyl shower curtains from their shelves.  According to CHEJ, a vinyl shower curtain releases 108 dfferent volatile organic compounds (VOC’s = very bad) into the air over 28 days.

It almost goes without saying, but  I will anyway :)….if you are pregnant or have young children the exposure to these toxins are even more harmful. One friend mentioned to  me that she got really lightheaded when she hung her new plastic curtain recently….hmmmm….there’s no mystery here, the chemicals in the vinyl go right to your lungs and bloodstream. STAY AWAY.


some alternatives:

HEMP –antimicrobial, resistant to fading and super durable. can be found at

LINEN– very natural looking, I didn’t use a liner with mine and it held up fine, can be found at

COTTON– organic is best, but any cotton is better than PVC…

happy showering!


Lawn Care situation that ends with a fired landscaper March 19, 2009

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terrenceJust had an incredibly frustrating landscaper situation, bringing back very bad memories of my pest control situation ( see post # 47).  As we are renting our home in CA we are using the same landscapers that the owners have used for years prior. Wen we first moved in I met with the head guy to go over what he uses on the lawns and the watering schedule. He told me they do not put anything on the lawn, definitely no chemicals. I should have known better but I trusted what he said. it was California after all–the most organic state in the nation.


Today as I brought our new puppy (sooo cute)outside to play, the boss landscaper stopped me to stay that I shouldn’t let my pets or people on lawn for 2 hours b/c they had just put weed killer down. My mouth dropped open. You did what? I told you no chemicals, blah, blah, blah i ranted on and on…..he told me he was so sorry, there were so many weeds, he must have forgotten. he told me he would tell his guys right now to stop and no more ever again.  OK, maybe this was a needed reminder. A few minuted later I peeked outside. Boss was no where in site and his guys were sprinkling something on the lawn. i ran out side to see what it was. A miracle grow weed killer and fertilizer.  i can’t write what came out of my mouth next.

i grabbed the bag he was getting his product out of (with his gloved hands and masked mouth mind you) and read the back. Here is what it said: “toxic to marine life. Hazardous to humans and domestic animals. If ingested call poison control, flush with water immediately if contact with skin….etc……the warnings went on and on.

I had the guy call his boss to come back, he never did. I called him myself and asked how could this happen after we had just had this conversation. He said its just fertilizer, its fine. And that’s when he lost his job. 

on to my organic landscaper hunt… the meantime, never trust people who tell you it is natural. Your health and the health of your pets and children depends on it. I just don’t think that word holds much meaning to people yet.