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#24-some questions answered May 14, 2008

1.) What to do with all the plastic containers / toys?

re-use is great: art containers, garage organization, think of this as a one time cleaning out b/c you will not be buying this plastic again. Donate well organized toys to hospitals, big brother, big sister, salvation army. consignment stores…….the hardest thing for us with plastic toys is keeping them in good shape and all the pieces together, but as I’ve become focused on keeping plastic out of land fills, we’ve started to take good care of our plastic. The main ideas here: REDUCE plastic usage in your life, especially the harmful kind, REDUCE the amount of plastic we are purchasing in this world, REDUCE our impact on the earth!

2.) safe, re-usable sippy, travel cups:

this is a tricky one b/c the cost of the cups are high and the chances of losing the cups are high. from experience with my SIGG bottles I can say this–we are much more careful when we travel with these bottles to make sure that they make it home with us. We’ve held onto our SIGG’s since september and each kid does travel around with their own. Maybe its worth saving a few of the old sippy cups just for travelling around (not the purest plastic-free idea!)

Some Good Alternatives to plastic:

  • SIGG
  • Kleen Kanteen
  • Born Free
  •–3-in-1 bottle/cup that grows with your child, BPA, toxin-free
  • Target-stainless steel sippy cups

3.) Does plastic in your filtration system have the same negative impact as plastic water bottles?

I’m not an expert but from the reading I’ve done it seems the biggest plastic leeching problems are when the water sits in the containers (5 gallon water dispenser jugs) or the plastic gets re-used (deteriorates in dishwashers) over and over. I don’t think water passing by a plastic filtration piece should pose a problem.


4.) Frozen foods in plastic and heating these foods in microwave?

Ughhhhhhhhh……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not sure the best way to write that reaction but you get the point) Heat and plastic DO NOT mix!!

5.) Storing foods in plastic bags in freezer?

The worst foods to store in plastic are acidic (i.e., tomato sauce) and fatty (chicken soup) as those types of food break down the plastic. Plastic bags do not contain the BPA (known endocrine disruptor) so less harmful than hard plastics. Do not thaw frozen bags in microwave. Since the idea is to start getting away from wasteful plastic, eliminating plastic bags and using alternatives is a good idea. (glass, ceramic, stainless steel). Glass does have chance of cracking, ok if only filled 2/3rd’s of way.

6.) Do you use a carbon filter for your tap?

I use a Hague whole house filtration system. I am thrilled with the taste and purity of our water. chlorine eliminated as well as pesticides, metals, iron. A whole house system covers every faucet in the house, including showers and baths, which is where most of our chlorine intake comes from. downside, its expensive, but it is a one-time purchase for your home and save lots on not buying bottled water.