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#22–5 gallon water jugs are laden with BPA May 2, 2008

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After 9/11, I had this horrible fear that the terrorists were coming after our water supply next. I quickly signed up for Poland Spring water delivery and felt relieved that I’d have a supply if anything went wrong. I would get excited when we didn’t get through our regular delivery thinking it would be great that I’d have some extra around in case we needed it. Really depressing to think about.

Soon after that, I started hearing and reading about the problems associated with plastic leeching into water bottles. One of the worst culprits? 5 gallon water jugs. Made out of polycarbonate plastic ( really hard, dense plastic) these jugs contain BPA (bisphenol A). A known hormone disruptor (soon to be banned in Canada, already banned in Europe.) This is a substance that is not worth messing with. See post #21 for all the side effects connected with BPA.


  • test home water supply (many companies do it for free). determine best type of filtration for your situation. (usually carbon filters are most effective.
  • glass bottles for water delivery. Mountain Valley Spring has delivery service, water comes in 5 gallon jugs (drawback: very heavy so hard to lift). other companies have this service as well. if anyone finds good ones, please share.

For health reasons it is a really good idea to switch out your 5 gallon jugs ASAP. Its always a helpful reminder to myself in these situations that it’s never too late make plastic-free changes and the health benefits are usually noticeable immediately.